Long Mynd Shropshire Hills North West Midlands England UK 17th April 2016


Such a beautiful place to visit the video doesn’t do justice to the actual height of the climb. Driving through here this day after a very cold walk up Brown clee hill nearby which is actually the highest point in the county you can feel your own mortality when faced with another car or van coming towards you. Its not for the faint hearted but if you can bare to be a little scared is so worth the visit the views are superb.


Managed by the national Trust Long Mynd is the high ground heath and moorland plateau part of the Shropshire hills.

Highest point pole bank  516 m, 1,693 ft

7 miles long

3 miles wide

3.5 hours drive from London Approx

Designated area of outstanding natural beauty

It lies between the Stiperstones range to the west and the Stretton Hills and Wenlock Edge to the east.

The Long Mynd, which is approximately 7 miles (11 km) long by a maximum of 3 miles (5 km) wide, has steep valleys on its eastern flanks while its western side is marked by a slope that rises in a steep escarpment from the wide valley of the River East Onny.

It is surrounded by the principal settlements of Church Stretton, Little Stretton and All Stretton, Pulverbatch, Smethcott, Woolstaston, Asterton, Myndtown, Wentnor and Ratlinghope.

The highest point on the Long Mynd is Pole Bank (516 m, 1,693 ft) This and the adjacent hill of Caer Caradoc (459 m, 1,506 ft) are classed as Marilyns.


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